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Jul 8, 2024

Email from SNOLAB Indico working again!

Thanks to the SNOLAB IT team, outgoing email from our Indico site is working normally again. All self-registration, etc. should work again now. Thanks to the community for its patience while the underlying firewall issue was resolved.

Jun 4, 2024

Outgoing emails from Indico still not working

A short update. Outgoing emails from the server continue to remain stuck on the server. The original mechanism for sending the emails has failed and IT is exploring fixes and alternative, secure options.

The inability to send email prevents new account creation and abstract submission for events. Please contact the event organizer for assistance in having an abstract submitted on your behalf by a current account-holder or for having an account established for you so you can avoid the email confirmation process.

Once this is resolved, the news feed for this site will be updated to indicate that fact!

May 30, 2024

Problems with outgoing emails from SNOLAB Indico

There is a known problem with email outgoing from SNOLAB Indico. The IT team is working on this problem. This affects ALL new account creation, as email verification is always required for that process. Other email notifications are also not being sent. However, all such emails are being queued on our server and will be delivered once the problem is resolved.

When resolved, news will appear here.

May 30, 2024

Account updates on SNOLAB Indico

Due to the increasing number of colleagues who do not have (nor need to have) SNOLAB accounts, local account creation has been enabled on our Indico instance at SNOLAB!

This comes with caveats. To reduce the number of spam accounts, the creation of a new local account requires administrator approval. If you request a new account, it may take 24 hours for this approval to occur. If it has been longer than 24 hours, you may reach out to for support.

SNOLAB accounts continue to work (e.g. for creating new Indico profiles) with no approval required, as these are already authenticated.

If you create a local account AND have a SNOLAB account, it is possible to merge these identities in Indico. Please reach out for support if you need identities to be merged.

Jan 15, 2024

Welcome to the new SNOLAB Indico site! Need help logging in?

We are very pleased to be able to offer an Indico server for the SNOLAB community. Please find below important information about using the site.

  • You must have a SNOLAB account to log into the site. Logging in is needed to manage events and, in some cases, to access events (e.g., those which are protected).
  • Once you have your SNOLAB account, you are ready to log in! SNOLAB accounts use Microsoft authentication. For Indico login you will use the "short version" of your SNOLAB email address as your user name (e.g. if your name is Vera Rubin, then your long-form email is and your short-form is something like 
  • Microsoft does not allow two Microsoft accounts to be logged in at the same time. Your home institution may also use Microsoft accounts. You need to be logged out of all other Microsoft accounts in your browser to login here.
  • A good solution to the above problem is to use a private browsing session/window/tab in your web browser. These begin fresh with no logins active. Use one of those to login, especially the first time you have to sign into this site.

If you have any problems with the above, please contact for assistance.